Expanding the Argentinian Trap Movement with Ariel Chichotky

We’ve got a special one today, and it wasn’t planned. Our guest is Ariel Chichotky, the Director of Buenos Aires-based Dale Play Records, who are at the forefront of an Argentinian Trap movement that has hit the 2020s running. If you’re thinking this is related to reggaetón, you are sorely mistaken. That genre originated in Puerto Rico and Colombia, and while you see some of its artists participating in trap, trap is its own animal. The American South rap style known for its much harder sound and harsher lyrical content, has, like many of its hip-hop-related cousins, travelled through the Internet to the entire world, and Argentina is now one of its epicenters. Ariel is an experienced Artist Manager, who cut his teeth with Argentinian funk band Suprafonicos, then moved on to managing Argentinian telenovela-star-turned-pop-star, Lali. He then moved on to his current role as Director at Dale Play and finds himself growing the careers of trap artist Duki (whose Sept 2019 hit “Goteo” has amassed 72M YouTube Views and over 120M Spotify streams), trap producer Bizarrap (whose YouTube Music Sessions have amassed over 812M channel views), and soulful, hard-to-define up-and-comer Nicki Nicole (who commands 3.2M Instagram followers). Ariel holds a business degree from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, and was introduced to us by our friend Zack Bolak.

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