How Bandsintown Helps Artists Get Seen With Fabrice Sergent

With their suite of artist-friendly tools, Bandsintown is helping artists get seen — both online and at shows — and our guest Fabrice Sergent, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Bandsintown, believes the platform can help artists build a sustainable future.

Our guest today is Fabrice Sergent, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Bandsintown, where they “believe that live music is one of the last ‘tribal experiences’ which creates happiness and understanding in the world. Their mission is to help artists build a sustainable future through virtual live streams, music releases, merchandise and traditional live events promotion. With a reach of 250 million Monthly Active music fans globally, over 67m registered concert goers and 550k touring artists registered to the platform, Bandsintown offers powerful, scalable and targeted digital marketing solutions to engage with music enthusiasts.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, Sergent is “an entrepreneur driven by passion, having led hyper growth digital media enterprises in the U.S. and in Europe with extensive experience in the music industry, digital consumer marketing, brand building, business development, and mergers & acquisitions. He co-founded and led two start-ups to $100m+ revenues, starting his journey by founding Club-Internet, with the support of Lagardere/Hachette in 1995. Club-Internet was one of the very first Internet Service Provider (similar to AOL in the US) launched in France and later became one of the largest [Internet Service Providers] before it was purchased by Deutsche Telecom’s T-Online in 2000 for 1.2 billion Euro.”

Today, we’ll look back on his road to music, what Bandsintown is up to nowadays, and what the future holds in store for live music.

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