How the TikTok Charts Influence the German Charts With Popakademie

Our guests today are students from Popakademie, Germany's premier conservatory for popular music. We dive deep into their research on the correlation between the TikTok charts and the German charts and how it's helping catalog make a comeback.

Aqui Kumar, Jannick Steinke, Sebastian Gorki, and Valerian Dilger are music business students at the Popakademie in Germany. 

“Established in 2003, the Popakademie is a higher education institution for the music and creative industries and their pop cultural scenes. By focusing its study programmes on popular music, it offers an academic education that is unique in Germany's public university landscape.” 

In this context, the students are part of Popakademie’s SMIX.LAB. Founded in 2008 as an interface between the online world and the traditional music industry, SMIX.LAB sees itself as a center for the digital music business. It integrates digital knowledge and future-oriented research, investigating the modern possibilities of music marketing and other forward-thinking initiatives.

The students themselves have industry experience at companies such as Live From Earth, Electric Feel, Amazon Music, and Ease Agency. Over the past few months, the Chartmetric team supported the students in their project to study how TikTok is influencing the German charts.
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