The Data-Driven Fandom of BTS ARMY With Ami Patel

Water & Music writer and BTS ARMY member Ami Patel dives deep into the once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon that is BTS and BTS ARMY. Patel explains why ARMY is such a force and how the powerfully engaged fanbase uses data to hold the music industry to account.

On this episode, we chat with Ami Patel, a writer for Water & Music and a passionate analyst of the international music scene.

Ami is a music marketing strategist from Houston, Texas, with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston. She has a passion for artist development and the global music market and frequently shares her thoughts on current music trends and new music discoveries on her website.

In June 2021, Patel penned a 3,600-word tome titled “Anatomy of a modern pop fanbase: How fans use data to build their own music marketing powerhouses,” which will be the main topic of today’s conversation with her. The K-Pop guide was rigorously researched and written by Patel and edited by Cherie Hu, who runs Water & Music, which is a membership-funded email newsletter, research hub, and community forum dedicated to unpacking the fine print of commercial, technological, and cultural change in the music industry.

Patel was a recent participant in the first-ever Measure of Music music + data event in February 2021, and is joining us today from the great state of Texas.

Note: Around 43 minutes in, Ami says, "1.93 million ticket buyers." The correct number is 1.33 million ticket buyers.

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