Data-Driven Digital Music Distribution With InnerCat's Paris Cabezas

On this episode of How Music Charts, InnerCat Music Group founder Paris Cabezas explains how a tech-oriented, data-driven mindset can help optimize digital music distribution, artist marketing, and YouTube monetization in today's music industry. As a bonus, he also breaks down the complicated, and often misunderstand, concept of neighboring rights.

On this episode, we talk with Latin music mogul Paris Cabezas. Born and raised in rural Cuba, the MIT Applied Mathematics grad got his start working on the first generation of Yamaha’s digital mixing consoles. This studio engineering stint helped him become the Grammy-nominated producer that he is now, and he's also been able to apply his technical acumen to the various functions of InnerCat Music Group, which Cabezas founded in 2012.

InnerCat handles artist marketing, music distribution, YouTube optimization, and neighboring rights for a range of artists, many of whom are Latin stars like Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Farruko. The music group's artists and network of owned and operated channels garner 630M+ streams per month, 330M video views per month, and 22M subscribers on all networks, and they've been able to pay out more than $7M in royalties to indie artists. Innercat focuses on a data-driven, tech-it-yourself approach to digital assets, and the results speak for themselves.

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