A2IM Indie Week, Day 3: Reeperbahn Festival

Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival presents seven different acts on Day 3 of A2IM’s Indie Week in NYC, so we check out their data.... chartmetric.com @chartmetric #chartmetric #a2im #indieweek #musicanalysis #dataanalytics #indie #reeperbahn #festival #yeswemystic #ori #surfbort

2019-06-20 // A2IM Indie Week, Day 3: Reeperbahn Festival
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    • Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival is presenting seven different acts on Day 3 of A2IM’s Indie Week, and we will check out how they’re doing in the data world.
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    • Good morning, it’s Rutger here at Chartmetric with your 3-minute Data Dump where we upload charts, artists, and playlists into your brain so you can stay up on the latest in the music data world.
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    • This is your Data Dump for Thursday, June 20, 2019.
  • A2IM Indie Week, Day 3
    • At the corner of Allen and Houston on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NYC, last night, six bands shared their live music as an official part of A2IM’s Indie Week: the Reeperbahn Festival, New York Edition.
    • Based around the entertainment and red-light district in Hamburg, Germany, since 2006, the Reeperbahn Festival will be putting on more than 900 events in the area this September with international artists of all genres, in addition to a conference for music and related industry professionals.  
    • In the 07:30-08:00pm slot was Winnipeg, Canada’s Yes We Mystic, with their melodic and experimental indie rock sound.
      • With 7K Spotify monthly listeners and their top four listener cities being Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Montreal, they have obviously created a stir in their home country very effectively.
      • Half of their 2.2K Instagram followers are from their hometown of Winnipeg, so Reeperbahn has done a lovely job of finding a truly homegrown act and bringing them to a bigger stage.
    • Jerusalem-born singer-songwriter-producer ORI graced the stage in the 8:05-8:35pm slot. 
      • Using original looping samples of his own voice and instrumentation, he’s got over 10K monthly listeners and his 2017 single “Black Book” is currently on the The Austin 100 playlist from NPR Music and the official SXSW 2019 playlist, where he played two official sets this past March.
      • His current Spotify Popularity Index may only be at 28 for now, but his work has also been sampled by Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock.
    • Closing out the night in the 11:20-midnight slot was Surfbort, most likely because they are a hard act to follow with their hottest tracks titled “Hippoe Vomit Inhaler”, “Pretty little fucker” and “Dicks”.
      • The Brooklyn-based punk outfit is named after a Beyoncé lyric and is just under 20K monthly listeners and is featured on Green Day’s “Oakland Coffee” playlist as well as the official SXSW 2019 playlist, as they also played a set in Austin last spring.
    • In other slots were Germany’s Leoniden and Gurr, Austria’s Mira Lu Kovacs, and America’s Renata Zeiguer (US), but check them out...if Hamburg’s Reeperbahn NY Edition picked them, they’re sure to be worth the listen and maybe your latest favorite sound.
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