2019-05-13 // The Bottom of Spotify's New Music Friday

Who’s at the bottom of Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist? Exploring Emotional Oranges, Vince Gill and Dutch Melrose....chartmetric.com @chartmetric #musicindustry #business #data #nerdout #analysis

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    • Who’s at the bottom of Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist? We’ll explore three acts who aren’t at the top of said list, but are succeeding in their own ways.
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    • Good morning, it’s Jason here at Chartmetric with your 3-minute Data Dump where we upload charts, artists and playlists into your brain so you can stay up on the latest in the music data world.
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    • This is your Data Dump for Monday May 13th 2019.
  • The Bottom of Spotify’s New Music Friday
    • It’s New Music Friday Monday, and in keeping with tradition, the top spots of Spotify’s premier Global Release Day playlist- New Music Friday (or NMF)- go to the industry’s biggest and brightest.
    • Debuting to the list’s 3.2M followers, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber take the #1 spot with the dancehall-flavored pop track “I Don’t Care”, Logic and Gucci Mane’s “Icy” takes the #2 position, and the late Avicii and crew occupy the #3 spot with the dance record “Tough Love.”
    • But Spotify’s NMF is 100 tracks long...so who’s at the bottom of the list and what are they up to?
    • Let’s take a look at three acts occupying the bottom 10%: Emotional Oranges in the 93rd, Vince Gill in the 95th and Dutch Melrose in the 100th spot.
    • Soulful, chill vibes duo Emotional Oranges seems to be the type of artist you’d expect to find here: a new group with a distinct, trendy sound with a growing reputation.
    • At 722K monthly listeners and 22K followers, this gives them a listeners to follower ratio of 32, which is great for any emerging artist. 
    • Their amount of monthly listeners puts them in the same ballpark as Hyolyn and ZICO, two well-known Korean artists who are still growing their fan bases outside of East Asia, as well as veteran singer-songwriters Natalie Merchant and Billy Bragg. 
    • For a new emerging act, this kind of company bodes well for Emotional Oranges, as it shows they are already getting the kind of play that current overseas stars and legacy artists with long-established followings are earning.
    • Vince Gill in the 95th position of the New Music Friday list is another legacy artist, but from the country world. One of the genre’s brightest stars in the 1990s, he has a room full of Country Music Awards and Grammys to show for it and surely has nothing left to prove.
    • But given Mother’s Day was just yesterday, Gill’s timely ballad “A Letter to My Mama” came out with quite the heartfelt sentiment which earned its placement in Spotify’s list.
    • Vince Gill’s 1.1M monthly listeners and 251K followers give him a smaller ratio of about 5, which makes sense given his decades-long career, which will raise his follower count on any platform due to his established public profile alone. Given that country isn’t the strongest genre on Spotify, this also lowers the available market Gill has to stream to.
    • Nonetheless, Gill’s monthly listener count puts him in same realm as Lin-Manuel Miranda, who’s star is super-bright but currently off-cycle in terms of recent releases, as well as Broadway star Bette Midler whose work needs little promotion to her fans who already know her work well.
    • Last but not least in the 100 spot on New Music Friday is LA-based producer Dutch Melrose with the electronic track “White Wine”.
    • Dutch Melrose has 341 followers on Spotify...not 341 thousand, but actually 341, which might be quite unexpected for any artist getting a track onto the NMF playlist.
    • He does have over 20K monthly listeners however, likely coming from PopFiltr’s Young and Hot playlist with 345K followers in the #2 position and over 20 other non-editorial playlists he’s placed on.
    • This gives him a listener to follower ratio of about 60, which is a great sign for any artist, though a little less meaningful with such a low follower count. 
    • However, this also does indicate an opportunity for a viral fanbase, if he’s able to engage potential fans via Instagram and other platforms.
    • All things said, to grab any spot on Spotify’s New Music Friday as an independent artist with not even 400 followers is quite the feat! 
    • Good luck to him, Vince Gill and Emotional Oranges as they enjoy the rest of the week on NMF.
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