2019-04-11 // Berlin's Shazam chart, The Prince Karma success in Europe

Berlin enjoyed some reggaetón and dance music on yesterday’s Shazam chart.......DJ/producer The Prince Karma recalls some Chainsmokers’ “#SELFIE” viral success in greater Europe.....chartmetric.io @chartmetric #nerdout #musicdata

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    • Berlin enjoyed some reggaetón and dance music on yesterday’s Shazam chart
    • DJ/producer The Prince Karma recalls some Chainsmokers viral success in greater Europe
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    • Good morning, it’s Jason here at Chartmetric with your 3-minute Data Dump where we upload charts, artists and playlists into your brain so you can stay up on the latest in the music data world.
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    • This is your Data Dump for Thursday April 11th 2019.
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    • Let’s take a look at Berlin’s Shazam chart yesterday, which featured 50 tracks.
    • It was a very pop-oriented list, with 18 “pop” genre tags leading as the most common and the “dance” genre tag coming in 2nd with 8 occurences.
    • American singer-songwriter Ava Max was the only artist to have more than one track, with “So Am I” and “Sweet but Psycho” taking the #10 and #27 positions.
    • Daddy Yankee’s “Con Calma feat. Snow” was the #1 most Shazamed track in Berlin, having been in their Top 50 for 48 days now with 3M Shazams total.
    • The cheeky dance tune “Later Bitches” by The Prince Karma at Ultra Music took the #2 spot in Berlin. It was released back in May of last year and has a total of 5.2M Shazams globally.
    • The #3 position was occupied by the Madism dance remix of “Someone You Loved” by Scotland’s Lewis Capaldi. That is its current peak position in Berlin and has a total of 1.5M Shazams.
    • In terms of track age and time on chart, Berlin’s taste in music tends to be in middle of the road, as most of the chart is neither new or old, 27 of the tracks being anywhere from 1-6 months since release.
    • And once they do make it to their city’s top 50, the tracks stay there for about the same amount of time, 1-6 months.
  • Artist Highlight
    • Tracking back to the #2 position, the song “Later Bitches” has played out very well for DJ/producer The Prince Karma.
    • There’s little information out on the Ultra Music label artist, but according to chartsinfrance.net, he is originally from Turkey and has been enjoying the success of his track since late last year.
    • Somewhat similar to The Chainsmokers’ first hit “#SELFIE” in 2014, “Later Bitches” features a simple lead instrument hook, a four-on-the-floor kick drum beat, and funny spoken lines coming from an overzealous clubber like “what the hell do you mean I have to wait in line” and “I shouldn’t have had that last shot”.
    • The Prince Karma has 1.7M Spotify monthly listeners and only 9K followers, giving him an astronomical listener to follower ratio of 197 that points towards an artist currently experiencing a viral hit. This ratio places him in the realm of no global superstars, but does put him in the company of likely other viral emerging artists such as acoustic UK songwriters Clementine Duo at a 197 ratio and Swedish singer-songwriter Plasi at 196.
    • Mirroring his success on the Berlin Shazam chart, The Prince Karma is currently on the Top Hits Deutschland playlist on Spotify at 1.7M followers, while having been featured on Dance Party, Dance Rising and the Global Viral 50 playlists.
    • The track also features on Apple Music’s Daily Top 100 Germany and Today’s Hits playlists in the German storefront, and the #73 position on the 7th most followed playlist on the Deezer platform, Orange Select.
    • Probably the most interesting fact regarding the DJ’s only released track, the official YouTube video has 3.5M views since Sept 2018, but another video pre-dating the official one has 40.8M views, on a YouTube channel d2eTV (“Down to Earth”).
    • Down2Earth Music Group is a multi-functional music company whose YouTube channel has an international presence, as the “Later Bitches” top comments section has comments in English, Polish, Russian and German...which makes sense as The Prince Karma has just finished up a Central & Eastern European tour.
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