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How Bandsintown Helps Artists Get Seen With Fabrice Sergent

With their suite of artist-friendly tools, Bandsintown is helping artists get seen — both online and at shows — and our guest Fabrice Sergent, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Bandsintown, believes the platform can help artists build a sustainable future.

Navigating the Music Business With The Outlaw Ocean Project's Ian Urbina

On this episode, we talk to Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Ian Urbina about the course he's charting for The Outlaw Ocean Music Project as he navigates the choppy waters of the music business.

The Power of Music Metadata With Byta Founder Marc Brown

On this episode, we talk to Byta Founder Marc Brown about how he came to found Byta, why music metadata matters, and what it all means for the future of Hi-Fi audio and NFTs.

A Fireside Chat With Chartmetric Founder Sung Cho

Our guest on this episode is the Founder and CEO of Chartmetric himself, Sung Cho. During this fireside chat, recorded live at our company retreat in upstate New York, Sung talks candidly about where we've been, where we are now, and what our future holds.

Disrupting Live Music With DICE President Russ Tannen

On this episode, we chat with DICE President Russ Tannen about how the DICE platform is helping independent music venues, artists, and fans as live music comes back to many major cities.

Music Trends in Arab Countries With Firas Abou Fakher

To coincide with the XP music conference in Riyadh, guest host Chaz Jenkins discusses music trends in Arab countries with Lebanese musician, director, and writer Firas Abou Fakher.

Lessons for Artists and Leaders With Stem CEO Milana Lewis

On this episode, Milana Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO of Stem Disintermedia, talks about the current state of music distribution, financial tools for artists, and how Stem makes it all easier — sharing her thoughts on how artists and leaders can best execute their visions along the way.

How to Distribute and Monetize Your Music With UnitedMasters' Dave Melhado

We sit down with Dave Melhado, UnitedMasters’ Head of Marketing, to talk mobile music distribution, monetization, and how UnitedMasters is changing the game for independent artists.

From Playlists to Mailing Lists With Aileen Crowley

Aileen Crowley, Former VP of Global Streaming Marketing at Universal Music Group, discusses playlist promotion, fan conversion, and why artists need a holistic approach to their digital marketing strategies.

How the TikTok Charts Influence the German Charts With Popakademie

Our guests today are students from Popakademie, Germany's premier conservatory for popular music. We dive deep into their research on the correlation between the TikTok charts and the German charts and how it's helping catalog make a comeback.

How to Think Like an Artist Manager With RAC Manager Zael Ellenhorn

On this episode, Zael Ellenhorn, a YMU Group artist manager whose roster includes RAC, Kina, and Ryan Caraveo, walks us through his thought processes when it comes to managing artist relationships, developing social media strategies, and building super fandoms.

The Data-Driven Fandom of BTS ARMY With Ami Patel

Water & Music writer and BTS ARMY member Ami Patel dives deep into the once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon that is BTS and BTS ARMY. Patel explains why ARMY is such a force and how the powerfully engaged fanbase uses data to hold the music industry to account.

How Data is Redefining the Role of A&R in the Music Industry Today

While the proliferation of data is reshaping the role of A&R in the music industry today, what A&Rs look for in an artist hasn’t changed much. What an A&R looks for in an artist's data — and how they look for it — has.

Spotify Follower Ratio, Artist Growth & Fan Engagement With Components' Andrew Thompson

We were lucky enough to feature some of Andrew Thompson's research on our blog in an article he wrote called “What Spotify Follower Ratio Tells Us About Artist Growth and Fan Engagement.” Learn more about his work with Components, the differences between the Bandcamp model and the Spotify model, and what Spotify follower ratio actually means on this episode.

How to Promote Your Music in Southeast Asian Trigger Cities With Adam Kanwal

On this episode, we chat with Digital Marketing and Analytics Consultant (Amorphous, Still Woozy, Remi Wolf, Suzuki Saint, and Miss Madeline) Adam Kanwal about promoting music with a global mindset and cultural sensitivity. Bringing emerging artists "from 0 to 50", especially in markets such as the Philippines and Indonesia, requires a whole new mindset, which he writes about in his Chartmetric blog article entitled, “How to Promote Your Music in Southeast Asian Trigger Cities.”

Music and Mental Health in the Streaming Era With Camille Lopez-Silvero

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, on this episode, we talk to Berklee's Camille Lopez-Silvero about the article she wrote for the Chartmetric blog entitled, “The Under 27 Club: Music and Mental Health in the Streaming Era.”

Playlisting and Digital Strategies for Artists With Songular’s Sam Lee

On this episode, we talk to the Founder and Director of London-based firm Songular, Sam Lee. According to Songular’s website: “Songular is an independent music company that empowers fearless artists through strategic streaming campaigns. [Their] approach is artist-first and data-driven: This means that [their] bespoke campaigns are shaped by the stories [their] artists have to tell, and [they] use data to link the strategy to the story.” Songular’s roster includes Joji, Bakar, Young T & Bugsey, Zara Larsson, and Flume. Previously, Lee has served as a Music Editor for Deezer, a Radio Plugger, and in his earliest days, a Broadcast Assistant for the BBC and regular contributor to British culture outlet, NME.

The Rise of Regional Latin Music: Latin Music Genres Evolution With Francisco Toscano

Francisco is back to discuss the final part of our series on The Rise of Regional Latin Music. Here, we will preview where he sees not only Mexican Corridos or Colombian Cumbia going, and how these and other forms of Latin American genres are mixing to create new music for today’s younger generations.

The Rise of Regional Latin Music: Colombian Music Genres With Sony A&R Francisco Toscano

Back for a second podcast visit, Mexico City-based Sony A&R Research Manager Francisco Toscano explains how global music streaming platforms like Deezer, YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify are driving the international growth of Colombian music genres like Vallenato, Música Popular Colombiana, Cumbia, and Champeta, rivaling other global talent like Lauv, BTS, and Carrie Underwood.

Hip-Hop Business Strategy With Trapital Founder Dan Runcie

On this How Music Charts episode, Dan Runcie breaks down the business of hip-hop with his media company Trapital. Trapital began as a subscription-based newsletter talking about topics such as Beyoncé’s streaming strategy, how the hip-hop’s indie community has taken off and How Tyler, The Creator Built a Cult-Like Following. Trapital’s readers are music executives, media moguls and venture capitalists. We cover why a San Francisco Bay Area tech strategist is in hip-hop, how he fell in love with hip-hop culture, how he leverages his experiences in edtech, fintech, and with a major commercial airline, and his time as a freelance writer for WIRED and Complex. This episode's Speed Round topics: Bobby Shmurda's release, Square acquiring Tidal, Master P & Clubhouse, Scooter Braun's venture into cannabis, and TikTok's Black Creatives program.

Data-Driven Digital Music Distribution With InnerCat's Paris Cabezas

On this episode of How Music Charts, InnerCat Music Group founder Paris Cabezas explains how a tech-oriented, data-driven mindset can help optimize digital music distribution, artist marketing, and YouTube monetization in today's music industry. As a bonus, he also breaks down the complicated, and often misunderstand, concept of neighboring rights.

How to Be a Successful Independent Artist With Cullah

On this episode, we talk to Milwaukee-based, genre-bending independent artist Cullah, who has released an album every year for the past 15 years, subscribing to an open-source, royalty-free, and data-driven approach to his music career.

The Rise of Regional Latin Music: Mexican Music Genres With Sony A&R Francisco Toscano

Mexico City-based Sony A&R Research Manager Francisco Toscano explains how global music streaming platforms like Deezer, YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify are driving the growth of Mexican music genres — from Mariachi to Corrido — and regional Latin music worldwide.

Building Music Tech Solutions With The Orchard CTO Jacob Fowler

Today’s guest is Jacob Fowler, Chief Technology Officer at The Orchard. In four years, Fowler rapidly worked his way up the chain of the music distribution giant from Product Manager to Director of Product to SVP for Engineering and Product and then to his current role as CTO, starting in February 2020. On this episode, we talk with the music industry exec about music tech, mobile apps, and signals that artists and their teams should look out for in their streaming and social media data.

Becoming a Music Industry Leader in Asian Music Markets With Priya Dewan

On this episode, we chat with Priya Dewan, VP of South Korea and Southeast Asia at The Orchard and CEO of Gig Life Pro. Priya knows the music markets in Asia inside and out — not to mention the qualities it takes to be a leader in the music industry, no matter what market you’re in.

The State of Music Synchronization With Synchtank Founder Joel T. Jordan, Part 2

In the second part of our conversation with Synchtank Founder Joel T. Jordan, the music licensing entrepreneur talks data efficiency and artistic integrity.

The State of Music Synchronization With Synchtank Founder Joel T. Jordan, Part 1

Synchtank Founder Joel T. Jordan is a punk rock music entrepreneur now connecting the biggest movies, TV shows and video games through slick tech. Learn about his rise in the world of music synchronization and how artists can make licensing a real part of their career. In Part 1 of this two-part episode, we get into Jordan’s punk beginnings in the business, and weave a narrative through the world of music licensing that translates his punk rock, do-it-yourself ethos into a sector with surprisingly similar DNA: technology.

Understanding Your Pandora Data With Dan Wissinger and Jay Troop

In light of our exciting new Pandora integration, we chat with Pandora's Dan Wissinger and Jay Troop about why Pandora matters to the music industry and to artists’ careers, how artists can get their music on Pandora, and what strategies you can use to make sense of your Pandora data — whether it's on Next Big Sound, AMP, or Chartmetric.

The UK Music Diversity Report 2020 With Christine Osazuwa, Paulette Long OBE & Ammo Talwar MBE

In honor of the recent Black History Month in the United Kingdom, Warner Music Group's Christine Osazuwa has taken over today’s episode to discuss equality and diversity in the music industry with UK Music's Paulette Long OBE and Ammo Talwar MBE. Aside from her role as Director of Data & Insights, Christine is also a Co-Chair of WMG UK’s Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) employee resource group, The Link. As a Nigerian-American working in the UK music industry, Christine is committed to a diverse and equitable music business and the power that data can bring to any conversation — as are her esteemed guests, both of whom run the UK Music Diversity Taskforce.

Predicting the Future of the Music Business With Cherie Hu, Part 2

We’re back with a Part 2 of our talk with award-winning journalist Cherie Hu, who has been covering the intersection of music, technology and business for over five years. In this section, we get her hot takes on recent headlines involving the geopolitical TikTok debate, virtual singing competitions, and of course, Kanye West. We also visit Cherie’s well-informed crystal ball, and hear some of her predictions over the next few years on Kobalt Music, audio on Amazon and Audible, and songwriting artificial intelligence. Finally, we get into how Cherie has grown her 8K-member newsletter Water & Music and 600+-member Patreon community to support her ability to provide independent insights and cultivate a like-minded community of innovators. Towards the end, you’ll hear a question from one of our newer writers, Michelle Yuen, whose work you can find on our blog at blog.chartmetric.com.

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